The Bible is an extraterrestrial book. The Word of God is our Lord,so that we can come to an union of God for eternity.

God has set us free from all the bondage of sin, we need to believe that He's living in us. He has paid the price for us, on the cross, and saved us.


Sacrifices are the way for us to approach our Holy God. It picturises both us & God. So, if we surrender ourselves as a living sacrifice to God, He'll use us for His glory.


The first five books of the Bible are called the TORAH in Hebrew. Basically, God has given us an instruction manual, on how to live a fruitful & productive life, that God meant us to live.


Iniquity, transgression & sin are the three types of sin.The lamb of God,which takes away the sins of the world. If we put our trust in Him, we can be righteous & stand in front of our God not because of who we are, but because of what Jesus did, on Calvary.


We need to practice self-control or we may lose our testimony & inheritance in our lives. .Anger is a very deadly emotion. Vengeance is God's department! Pray & submit it to God! He'll fight for us!




Take a deeper look into Psalm 1 and what this passage truly means.

We have come out of our own Egypt and now we are in our spiritual journey... 

The children of Israel were set free by the blood of the lamb... God tests us if we can obey His commandment , when we obey God's commandment we become hidden in God Himself. We cannot choose God words, by taking whatever we want and ignoring the rest.

​​The desert causes us to rely on God... unless we die to ourselves we cannot hear the word of God. 
God is like a mirror, when we look to God we see how unworthy we are... Altar is place of death and a gate to God...

God gives us the Spirit of discernment when we read his word and follow His word. Have that thirst and hunger for God, He is looking for kindred souls! Our groom is Yeshua!

First to know God personally, we have to trust Him! He is our deliverer! We need to do some sacrifices for God. God brings pressure and problems to us so that we get closer to Him.

Freedom is so important, that we should protect it. He has paid the price for our sins on the cross of calvary! We are the children of the most High.

Make sure that we walk with God and have a personal relationship with God with our whole heart. God works inside out, He gives us free peace.